About Us


Hello squish family, we are the Squish Club! Our goal is to fill your hearts with love and affection one plushie at a time. ☺️ We want to offer everyone unique plushies that will impact the lives of so many individuals all over the world. We hope that our plush buddies can make a difference in the daily lives of so many by offering  comfort, support and warmth as friends, couch companions, cuddle buddies and travel teammates. 👫

Each Squish Club plushie has its own unique name and storyline to add to the fun! Not only can you enjoy looking through the different personalities of our plushies, but you might even find your own name (or relate to a description) among the diverse variety of squish. We love and appreciate the whole squish club community and strive to offer you top value in every way possible. We stand behind everything we sell with a 100% guarantee to make you and your loved ones happy! 💜

Follow the #squishclub hashtag on Instagram to ride along all our plushie adventures and stories from worldwide squish lovers!